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About to Whiten Your Teeth Read this First


The down economy’s done little to darken the tooth-bleaching market. Americans spend $1.4 billion a year on at-home kits to brighten stained and yellowed chompers and request whitening more than any other procedure in the dentist’s office. (Then again, who’s begging for a root canal?) But, like anything that combines the potential of looking better (a twinkly white smile) with possible risks (sticking chemicals in your mouth), this one has attracted its share of controversy.

Before you run out for a lunchtime tooth-lightening session or apply your umpteenth — or your first — set of whitening strips to your bicuspids at home, here are four things you should know about chemical spiff-ups for your smile:

1. Give it a rest. There’s a reason some products should be used only four times a year: worries about overuse. If lightening becomes as regular as a monthly haircut in your grooming routine, you may damage tooth enamel and take your teeth to the point of ghostly translucence. That’s not pretty.

2. It’s not always ouchless. The most common side effects of tooth-whitening, whether it’s DIY in your bathroom or a professional job, are sensitive teeth and irritated gums. From 10% to 65% of people who give tooth bleaching a try have some pain, experts say. Usually, it’s short lived, but to avoid it in the first place, try using a toothpaste that reduces sensitivity for several days before your procedure (and for a few days or weeks afterward). Taking an ordinary painkiller (like ibuprofen) before a bleaching session helps, too.

3. Think twice about bleaching at the mall. One recent CBS-TV investigation of “whiten while you shop” kiosks and storefronts in malls found that while employees may wear lab coats, they usually aren’t dental-care professionals. And they aren’t equipped to evaluate dental problems — so underlying dental issues, like cavities, could be made worse by bleaching. One place used bleaching agents that were dentist-office strength, which can be two to three times stronger than the carbamide peroxide gel found in some home whitening kits approved by the American Dental Association.

4. Ask your dentist what’s possible. Bleaching can make your pearly whites several shades whiter — especially if coffee, tea, tobacco, or plain old aging are to blame for that gray-yellow grin. But the results are less reliable if your teeth were stained by the use of the antibiotic tetracycline or by too much fluoride in childhood. Also, if you have tooth-colored fillings or crowns, bleaching can cause a color mismatch. Talk to your dentist about whether a possible variation in “whites” in your mouth will be noticeable.

Have you bleached your teeth? Were you happy with the results?

How to Promote Uganda Tourism


Uganda is a landlocked country located in the East African region and a member to the five state communities that make up the region. Uganda is bordered by Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the south, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Rwanda in the South West and South Sudan in the North.

Strength of Uganda Tourism

It lies within the Nile basin and has a varied climate but generally modified equatorial climate and is endowed with natural beauty. The tourism industry of Uganda is generally nature based, hinged majorly on abundant wildlife found in the 10 national parks, and 13 game reserves both forest and savanna park which give a chance to interact and encounter wildlife, Landscapes, and Birdlife.

Uganda is also blessed with unique water masses like River Nile which is one of Africa’s natural wonders and arguably the world’s longest river, L. Victoria which doubles as the source of River Nile and biggest fresh water body in Africa and Lake Bunyonyi which is believed to be the second deepest lake in Africa.

Uganda has got over 1078 bird species making it a haven for 50 % of Africa’s bird species and an ideal place for birding trips. The country also boasts half of the endangered mountain gorilla population in the whole world, which gives the best of gorilla tracking experience.

State of Uganda Tourism

Tourism is the fastest growing and driving sector in influencing economic growth and is the leading foreign exchange earner for the country, generating US$1.37 billion forex in 2016 up from US$ 1085 million in 2013.

In 2006, Uganda recorded 1.323 million tourist arrivals with an annual growth rate of 9.9% and visitation to national parks grew by 16.3% in 2017 to reach 285,671 tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities remains the implementing body, while Uganda Tourism Board is responsible for promoting and marketing the country’s tourism and Uganda Wildlife Authority is responsible for management of wildlife and all protected areas.

Challenges to Uganda Tourism

Though the tourism industry in Uganda is steadily improving, many forecasts made and expectations from it are very high, the industry is still facing challenges, which include;-

Inadequate funding of the sector: In general, there is limited funding of the tourism sector basically the marketing factor which is of high importance but lowly performed, this is key to attracting more tourists to visit Uganda.

Poaching: This is an illegal act of hunting wild animals in the national parks and game reserves, which ideally leads to their extinction. This is a great setback to Uganda’s tourism.

Shortage of trained and skilled personnel: Most of the employees within the sector don’t have the product knowledge of tourism aspects and they lack skills about how to protect and conserve the wildlife, and actually market the destination.

The overgrowing population within the surroundings of national parks is another threat to the animals since this leads to increased encroachment on the wildlife conservation land.

Unfavorable government policies on the laws that regulate tourism such as taxes; which include hotel tax and many others, the ever-changing dollar rates, improper management, low developed infrastructure and so many others greatly contributed to drop back of Uganda’s tourism sector.

What Should be Done to Promote Tourism

However, to retrieve from the above challenges, increasing funds that are given to the governing authorities such as UWA should be looked at by the government. The government of Uganda and the responsible bodies should re-think and implement the strategies that help to improve on the sector such as product development and marketing strategies.

More emphasis should also be focused on species introduction and re-introduction to areas where they have never been and those that got extinct for example, re-introducing rhinos in Kidepo valley national park. This will improve the attractiveness of the parks to travelers seeking Uganda safaris in the remote wild areas of the country.

Construction of more international airports near the various national park so as  to beat the spatial time taken by travelers to reach far destinations such as Bwindi Impenetrable and Kidepo valley national parks.

Infrastructure development, notably the tourism roads that link to key destinations. These roads tend to become almost impassable, especially during rainy seasons, and so improving them can provide the easiest way to access these destinations.

5 Adventures to Include on a Gorilla Trek in Uganda


Uganda the home of mountain gorillas and world known gorilla safari destination welcomes thousands from across the globe  to see endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, birds, wildlife, and landscape. Crammed with a mix of culture and plenty of tourist attractions Uganda is a great place if you interested in discovering nature, wildlife and primates. Are you seeking for unforgettable gorilla safari experience but still wondering what to visit and make your trip more meaningful here is a list of amazing attractions that are incredible and make your gorilla trekking tour outstanding.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The best treat for all ages. Nothing can be better than spending a few days in Queen Elizabeth National Park a pleasant place for wildlife viewing, boat cruise and chimpanzee trekking. Apart from the humbling wildlife that roams across the park savannah plains, there is so much to see on the Kazinga channel a known point for the highest concentration of hippos and crocodiles, birds and bread income source for locals especially the fisher men. For the kids, morning and evening game drives plus a boat ride on the channel is a big fun for family gorilla safari tours in Uganda. However Queen Elizabeth is a definite place and a must visit family attraction for all family safari in Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi Island

Located in close range distance to both Bwindi forest and Mgahinga National Park and the Island features the most scenic views, twenty nine small islands with lot of historical values, hilly land scape, friendly locals, well build accommodation facilities perfect for any kind of Uganda safari tour. However, Lake Bunyonyi Island is a leisure place to relax and rest after gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga National park. Things to do include swimming, boat cruise, hiking, bird watching, community excursion, fishing and much more. For nature and water lovers, the place is paradise that tempts tourists on any kind of Uganda safari tour.

The Batwa Cultural Trail

This is one of the great Uganda safari experiences that can’t be missed by tourists on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda in either Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park. The trail spreads deep in the middle of rain forests demonstrating the forest life of the Batwa people who once lived in the same forest with endangered mountain gorillas. In Mgahinga the trail unveils the wonderful beauty of Garama caves that have been in place for ages and the Traditional   cultural experience is a big eye for those in love with ancient tradition.

Golden Monkey Trekking

Here comes a perfect wild adventure golden monkey trekking that is amazing to combined with gorilla in Mgahinga National Park another home for mountain gorillas in Uganda park. Loaded with reliable   primate experience, primate lovers find it always a next tempting adventure after gorilla trekking not only in Uganda but also in Rwanda volcanoes National Park. The best part of this adventure is that you get a chance to see the great park unique primates as well as other forest habitants that you may have missed on the previous day.

Volcano Hike

If you are fit enough and what to challenge your fitness level in the protected jungle forest for mountain gorillas. The opportunity is right in Mgahinga national park a place to track gorillas & hike the impressive volcanoes that make you view the entire beautiful country in just seconds as you catch up amazing views on the top of the volcanoes.

Chimpanzee Trekking

A wonderful primate experience that is prettier like gorilla trekking and is hardly missed for whoever chooses to track mountain gorillas in Uganda. Chimpanzees can be tracked in Kibale forest National Park a great chimpanzee playground, Budongo forest in Murchison falls National Park and Kalinzu forest reserve plus Kyambura game lodge of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese Uganda. For blasting Uganda safari experience; one must visit a chimpanzee trekking ground.

The Rwenzururu “woes” aren’t Over


This evening we have received the best news of the day. The release of the Omusinga from incarceration has been welcomed by many. Depending on the nature of conditions slapped against him, one couldn’t get more happier. There is a lot of logic in the set terms. One would come to a conclusion of summing it up that The state held bilateral talks with the Royals. Why wouldn’t the state allow Justice to take its course? Should one believe that the state is actually diverging our minds from the massacre?

Are our area MPs criminals or leaders? One would come to a conclusion that the State was politically fighting these MPs in this case. The chief Prince was Quick to say” This issue would only be handled by the state and the Royal Family” he was further quoted saying” The issue can be best handled out of court “. That wouldn’t be a problem, but the issue is ; What is the fate of the hundreds of Innocent people Incarcerated in Kirinya and Luzira Prisons?

Do the back door talks help to heal the wounds of the bereaved families? If the chief planner of the attacks according to the Apologies received at State House is enjoying life out of Cell, does it carry sense to continue with the investigations?

Barring the King from visiting his subjects literally means he is dethroned. Shall we remain Kingless even when the King is around Kampala? Am not done yet, what will happen when the case takes more than three years to be settled? We have seen many state cases flop after a very long waste of time. The vivid example is Besigye’s cases.

What message does it send to the subjects by airlifting the King to his home? Did the Royals decide to forget so easily the number of people we lost in the massacre?

Lastly, my Appeal goes to the Hon. Minister Kibanzanga to continue engaging with the State to drop all the framed cases against the king. Otherwise, the set conditions are equally an abuse to the subjects.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente
The Dream Team
Keeping Hopes alive.
The Author of this article is a subject of the Rwenzururu Kingdom and a concerned citizen.

Mountain Gorilla Population Rises Above 1000


Mountain Gorilla numbers have risen over 1000, a new census reports. At a colorful press conference held in Rubavu, western province of Rwanda, the results of the Virunga 2015/2016 census have been released. The mountain gorilla census of the Virunga Region have been established to have risen to 604 species. The new total represents an increase of 25% from the 2010 census.

The census involved 12 teams walking through the jungles counting the nests. The survey covered  more than 2,000km of difficult walk through the forested terrain across the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. The surveyors searched for signs of the animals, such as nest sites, and collected faecal samples for genetic analysis.

The report established that “within the area encompassing the Mikeno Sector of Virunga National Park in DRC, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, referred to as the Virunga Massif, there are 604 individual gorillas living as 41 groups and as 14 solitary males”. This is a rise if compared with the 480 individual gorillas found in 2010 living within 36 groups. In 2010, it was also found that there were 14 solitary males roaming the Virunga.

The Virunga Region

The Virunga Region is shared by Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain gorillas roam freely across the borders and are jelously protected within three protected areas that are gazetted to the level of a national park. These are the Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Volcanoes National Park  of Rwanda.

The mountain gorillas live in two independent areas; the Virunga Region and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The 2011 Bwindi Gorilla Census established the total of the Bwindi population to be 400 and thus the global population must be over 1004 individuals!

What Does the Rise of Mountain Gorillas Mean?

The mountain gorilla is one of the most recognizable rare animals in the world and its population has been declared as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The new census reveals the surviving mountain gorilla population has now risen above 1,000.

The increase marks success for intensive conservation work done by different stake holders within the Virunga Region. There has been huge scores in joint management of national parks in Uganda and Rwanda, and gorilla tourism has proven to be a successful tool towards protecting the endangered mountain gorillas.

Different groups have been involved in promoting conservation of these great apes – local communities, governments, Non Governmental Organizations etc.

However a lot remains to be done in the Virunga National Park of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a region riven by armed conflict. Since this year started a dozen park rangers have been murdered while on line of duty of protecting the endangered apes.


Top 4 Gorilla Trekking Destinations in the World

Silverback Gorilla

Be careful when planning a gorilla trek in the wild because all gorilla trekking destinations are unique with only one similar experience-gorilla trekking. It’s not rough to single out once you analyses the main forest habitats you intend to see on the trip. Tracking gorillas everywhere is good but unique gorilla trekking & volcanoes hike can only be done in Mgahinga National park and volcanoes National park and Virunga National Park.

If you want to track gorillas and golden monkeys still Volcanoes and Mgahinga National park are your places to be. Those seeking for perfect gorilla trekking experience, Bwindi forest National Park are your place to be as well as other parks. However the good news about the adventure is that it’s year round January to December with 99% guarantee of seeing the endangered primates. Here is a list of the most scenic natural gorilla trekking parks in Africa.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This scenic forest jungle is beyond doubt the most amazing and breathtaking gorilla safari park in Africa. Along with the Bwindi water falls, Batwa cultural walking trail, nature walks, and a wide range of primates, Bwindi is the ultimate destination for gorilla safaris in Uganda. Bwindi forest is located in south western Uganda with four tracking sectors Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo. Above all you can only track gorillas in one park sector per day but those who wish to track gorillas twice can track in two different sectors or track two different gorilla families in the same park sector. When time permits visit Bwindi and also have a day filled with leisure activities on Lake Bunyonyi Islands a famous honeymoon paradise.

Mgahinga National Park

Though Mgahinga is known as Uganda’s smallest national park for tourists to track mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, it still offers amazing hiking safari volcano experience that take you to the top of the world. On your gorilla trekking safari you will be amazed by an experience beyond the gorilla trekking tradition as you take part in the forest people cultural trail. Among all gorilla parks Mgahinga is the only natural forested biosphere park where tourists have chances to explore the rare safari opportunities without forgetting the Buffalo walls.

Volcanoes National Park

On your trip to Rwanda featuring gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National park an incredible experience that you can’t miss despite the tight schedules of your trip to Africa. Tracking gorillas in Rwanda offers you another chance to experience the country rich culture, landscape, Dian Fossey research Centre, golden monkeys, twin lakes- Bulera, Rukundo as well as the most beautiful Volcanoes National Park – Karisimbi and Bisoke. Volcanoes National Park is located in Ruhengeri village just 3 hours from Kigali Rwanda’s capital.The park is also one of the most visited featuring Rwanda’s top tourist attractions.

Virunga National Park

There are many places to see gorillas in Congo but Virunga is the only place featuring amazing mountain gorillas. Virunga National Park is surrounded by great attractions like Nyiragongo volcanoes and wonderful views of mountain Rwenzori in Uganda. Be ready to view a wide variety of primates including chimpanzees, monkeys, and gorillas the main park attraction. If you fit enough combining your Congo gorilla trek with Nyiragongo volcano hike.

Gorilla Trekking in DR Congo Gaining Momentum


Following an increase of Rwanda Gorilla permit costs, travellers have decided to get alternatives for gorilla trekking and this the destinations of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. In other words, Rwanda made an automatic marketing strategy for Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo’s Gorillas which has boosted the two country’s tourism industries. On 6th may 2017, Rwanda increased the cost of their Gorilla permits from US$ 750 to US$ 1500 per permit which caused a negative out come to the tourism industry and the entire economy of Rwanda.

Since DR. Congo is among Rwanda neighbors, this was automatic pass for it to revive her tourism Industry through promoting gorilla trekking expeditions in the eastern part of the country. DR. Congo is second largest nation in Africa after Algeria. DR. Congo is one of the richest countries in Africa as far as tourism is concerned. The country has virgin tourist potentials ranging from Drainage, relief, wild animals, vegetation, birds, and culture and so on.

It should be noted that DR. Congo is among African countries gifted with low land Gorillas and Mountain Gorillas.  Therefore, DR. Congo has a lot to offer in tourism industry…. More so, the country is gifted with chimpanzees, birds and other wild animals.

The most visited parks in DR. Congo include Virunga National park (Home of Gorillas), kahuzi-biega National park, Garamba National park and so on. On the other hand Virunga National park received the largest number of tourists because of the following reasons:

-It is easily accessible from Goma city (30 minutes’ drive)

-It hosts both mountain and Low land Gorillas.

-Viunga National park is situated in politically stable area guarded by United Nations Organization Army in conjunction with DR. Congo Army.

-It offers the best view of Virunga ranges. Mikeno Volcano, Nyamuragira Volcano, Nyiragongo Volcano among others mostly seen while in Virunga National park.

-The low cost of Gorilla permit at US$ 400 each as also promotes Gorilla trekking in DR. Congo. Her counter parks Uganda at US$ 600 and Rwanda at US$ 1500 per permit.

Among other strategies to promote tourism in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), all tourists are escorted and guarded by the national army from the boarder to the park and back. That gives confidence to the tourists to go gorilla trekking in DR. Congo.

Gorilla trekking is among the most exciting activities in the world – therefore, everybody should enjoy it before death and looking into the eye of a Gorilla is a life changing event.

Some people believe that Democratic Republic of Congo offers the best Gorilla trekking experience because trekkers move through fresh or virgin habitat of the might Virunga region.  The habitat are still fresh because of few trekkers who have been trekking Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo in the past years.

In the past years, Gorilla trekking in DRC has been hindered by unpredictable security causing fear and tension to the tourists forcing them to divert to Rwanda and Uganda. Alongside DRC, Uganda has also gained a lot from the increase of Rwanda Gorilla permits to the extent of receiving more than 100 Gorilla trekkers every day.

Opinion: Why I support the Human Rights Watch report about the Kasese Killings


“Ensuring Independent investigations into the conduct of security forces would not absolve civilians who committed crimes from facing Justice, but would ensure security forces are also held responsible for their conduct and demonstrate a fundamental commitment to rule of law ” Human Rights Watch.

The Devil’s hand behind the Rwenzururu Omen continues. There are a few matters at a glance that one would ponder about.

It is important to note that justice can never be achieved through back doors.

It is equally inhumane to think that one can negotiate the loss of over 180lives for Justice’s sake in closed meetings.

Closing the people out of such processes is such an inhumane assumption.

This reminds me of the bitter realities “prominent” Rwenzururu figures were spotted in broad day light condemning the locally elected leaders.(Parliamentarians).

These are some of the historical moments that will never be forgotten by generations to come.

I came to learn the difference between human beings and being human.

How one earth would one fail to quickly discern that excluding the victim’s leaders was a way of trampling on the Victim’s freedoms.

The gist and why I support this independent investigations proposal is;
It is a milestone in ensuring that justice is not only seen to be done but it is truly done.

It will demonize all the would be speculations about the apportioned liabilities(leasing to the dire truth)

It will enlight the world in as far as the extent to which who wronged who is concerned.

Justice can never be established without establishing the truth first.

After we have established the truth then we shall be able to choose the right method to achieve the best path towards ensuring long lasting peace.

We can opt for a legal solution based on what would have come out.
We can equally opt for a local or an African solution of dialogue call it reconciliation.

However, this comes in after establishing the extent to which we wronged ourselves thereafter we apologize to each and decide in good faith to move on.

We call it starting a new chapter.

You know what???
This basic understanding of this report makes me fail to categorize anyone that opposes it. For lack of a better world no matter how defective your lenses may be! You qualify as an enemy of peace and the entire region.

There is no flag big enough to cover the shame of killing innocent souls.

Sandy Apolo Randy
A humble subject of the Rwenzururu establishment.

The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Eagle Eye.
The Voice from the Peak.

Opinion: Refuting the Human Rights Watch Report is a Clear Sign of Weed Smoking


Apologies to my brothers in the Rastafarian belief in Ethiopia and beyond, no offense.The Rwenzururu establishment woke up to a shock of its life on the 27th of November 2016. Scores murdered in cold blood in a single expedition!!! The Devils Hand Behind the Rwenzururu Omen continues.

It was a morning that the entire country will live to remember. Why remember it? It was a historical landmark.

The subsequent days after this landmark, were days of total mourning. Trauma to date still covers our people’s faces. What misnomer in the society!! We had all voices from all walks of life, some condemning and others justifying. We experienced the first King in History that was arrested, branded as a criminal, taken for questioning and later produced to court to face charges.

A total of 169 are still battling with charges in court with a few out on a temporary freedom measures called bail. At this point I can now confirm that it must be true that the Witchcraft in Rwenzururu seems to be too real. If not, this witchcraft seems to be feeding on something potent. Simply, it seems it smokes some weed.

The Rwenzururu hurdles are to do with trust. Anyone trustworthy will settle the puzzle.
Refuting the Human Rights watch report is a sign of weed smoking. This shows you the level of complexity of this matter. How on earth could people who claim to have gone to attend the White man’s education fail to comprehend some simple grammar? It is something once lost, can’t be regained.

I hope no one would ask me why the Rwenzururu people embrace the report save for the usual meal card defenders. That is what happens when your stomach overrides your mental capabilities. It is equally a sign of giving up in life.

They saw a a ray of hope that possibly wold restore some peace. They saw someone reaching out with a premise of a human face. They saw some promise to live again. It was a new beginning envisaged.

It will be entered in the world records if an opportunity is availed. An opportunity to have people regain hope and belief.

The only rational conclusion on would make, is that those unsubstantiated rebuttals of the report, are engineered by something hard to explain. It could be something potent that might have taken charge of some people’s faculties.

Give me a chance. Give me a break. I want to rebuild my Identity.

Sandy Apolo Randy
A humble subject of the Rwenzururu Establishment
The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Eagle Eye.

Opinion : The Rwenzori Peace Restoration Fallacy


You must drop your cheap Arrogance for our own good. Talk is cheap and anyone can say anything. Talking about peace does not necessarily bring peace. This is where you all have gone wrong.

Time and again I have been here, haunting the real devil.

I confirmed sometime back that indeed there is some invisible devil’s hand behind the Rwenzururu misery.

I would like to be educated about the peace mission possibilities in the Rwenzori amidst tears.

We all know it as a snow mountain with occasional rain drops but of late its a snow mountain with constant drops of tears.

From my humble understanding, I can conclude that peace is not an in put but rather an out put.

This may sound somewhat technical, but put in basic grammar I mean you must put certain things
place for the desired peace to fall in place.

I risk to sound inhumane but at the same time I hate being hoodwinked. Our brothers the peace merchants lost it.

They never asked themselves the hard questions. They are hiding under the pretext of dialogue.

There has never been any dialogue in the Rwenzori. All I constantly see is some sort of monologue.

How do you explain a meeting attended by a government minister, an RDC,DPC&GISO all these are government representatives.

The victims are not represented. The question is why isn’t the victims having representation? Its because the monologue champions have no message for them.

What will you tell a parent staring at six grave yards of his sons? That they deserved to die!!!

Take a humble walk with me to Liberia! Do you have any single idea about what happened in Liberia? Do you know why they have their current president female?

Please! Help me on your own, visit Rwanda. My brothers there can tell you how they have managed.

However, one thinking that he or she knows it all about peace and more so within the Rwenzori region! Its a blunder.

I do not know what they are reporting to the chief funder of these flopped crusades.

Allow me to report to you that the mission hit a dead end. It died as soon as it was conceived.

I would like to put you on notice that we can not have peace unless there are certain clear terms set.

We must stop behaving like hunters hunting for peace as if its an animal.

Peace can only be achieved if only we all sobered up, owned up and went back on the drawing board. I believe we must and should start with the basic called UNITY.

I am for peace. We are for Peace. We don’t believe in monologue for Peace.

Lastly allow me to thank the Human Rights Watch International. Thank you for that rich report. We look forward to its implementation by those tasked to do so.

Sandy Apolo
(A humble subject of the Rwenzururu Kingdom & a citizen of the Republic of Uganda)

The Dream Team.
Keeping the Hope Alive.
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye.
sapolo87 @gmail.com


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